Melissa King, LPC

Is your relationship in need of guidance?

Do you feel like you are fighting with your partner all the time?

Do you worry that your relationship may not last?

Why should we come in for couples counseling now?

Many couples find themselves fighting a lot for a number of reasons. Sometimes past emotional experiences with family and significant others interfere with current partnerships. Even the healthiest of relationships is complicated and challenged throughout the lifetime of the couple. Life transitions contribute to stressors in the relationship and as individuals grow and change the relationship itself must change as well. No matter the state of your relationship, you can find a way to improve your relations and allow for healthier, supportive and productive interactions. 

What about pre-marital counseling?

When two people come together they bring their past, present and future experiences, hurts and hopes with them to their current relationship. Many have expectations of marriage and the way their partner should behave in a relationship. These expectations come from a variety of sources and challenge our current way of being. Many couples fight about money, how often sex should occur, what religion children should be raised amongst many other issues. Pre-martial counseling allows for exploration of these issues and a facilitates an honest discussion of the nature of the couple and how it can most productive proceed. This process provides insight for both parties involved and creates a smoother transition into marriage.

I enjoying working with couples for a number of reasons, mostly because this type of work is satisfying and dynamic. If additional time is needed during sessions, adjustments and accomodations can be made accordingly based on the needs of the couple.