Melissa King, LPC

Why a Business Therapist?

Many businesses have to come to recognize the value of utilizing psychological services in the work place. We incorporate tools and services to improve the interactions of leadership teams to become more effective while understanding the value of improving the professional and personal lives of employees.

There is an increase in the number of businesses implementing a culture of respect where employees feel respected and heard, improving the daily lives for all. When a leadership team meets regularly and comes together on goals and values, they create an environment where employees want to work.

Research suggests that it takes approximately 66 days, or 2 months, before a behavior becomes automatic. This program is about applying tools, accountability and repetition for new habits to form. Many companies have identified their leadership styles, goals and values but need strategies for implementation. 

Melissa King and her business therapists will provide weekly services for 2 months, allowing integration and implentation of your established business goals.

What can a business expect from a business therapist?

  • Weekly onsite sessions with leadership
  • Identification of blockages to making desired changes
  • Accountability tools that will ensure growth
  • Communication improvements 
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Identify common struggles amongst staff to be addressed proactively